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Introducing HoF

The Home of Fashion designer studio welcomes customers and guests in the heart of downtown Budapest with a diverse range of designer pieces. With its colorful collection, it aims to cater to the needs of international fashion enthusiasts. Visitors seek uniqueness, individuality, and special treatment, which HoF provides not only through its ready-made pieces but also with tailor-made unique models, serving with joy and expertise. Our studio is more than just a boutique. It’s a designer showroom, a community, and a spacious tailoring shop. It’s worthy of Budapest’s historic fashion legacy and matches the level of FashionStreet as one of the current fashion centers.

Our story

About the hof


HoF opens its apartment showroom on Andrássy Avenue, the oldest an d most prestigious boulevard in Budapest. With 12 Hungarian designers, it caters to the diverse needs of curious customers. The 80-square-meter first Home of Fashion hosted large events and parties.


HoF outgrows its old location and moves next to Fashion Street, to its current street-front store. By this time, 25 designers found a home within the house. In spring 2019, HoF presents its designers at the Sofitel Hotel, and in autumn, it brings the designers’ seasonal collections to the runway..


After the decline of Covid, in November, HoF makes a grand return, taking its designers to a prestigious venue in Buda, the Larus Event Center. The event received significant press coverage.


The year of HoF’s renewal – stepping onto international stages!

Our Goals

We focus on our designers

Stylist room

Immerse yourself in the world of influencers, prestigious events, magazines, and TV shows!

In this room, our stylists and influencer partners can choose from designer pieces.For this purpose, we always ask our designers for garments that are noti ntended for sale, visually appealing, and truly represent the brand.

The quality requirements for models in the StylistRoom are different from those for pieces intended for sale – for example, ease of sizing and appearance suitable for TV shows take precedence.

However, reliability and meticulous details are still expected. We offer unique presentation opportunities in Hungary, taking over the organizational tasks and administration from our already busy designers, constantly leveraging our established contacts.

Our designers

Diverse and Colorful Designer Palette

The HoF designer palette attracts a wide range of paying customers. From complete seasonal collections to unique couture and even haute couture models, we accommodate jewelers, design jewelers, high-quality leather and jewelry bag designers, and fancy shoe designers! Several emerging fashion brands have become known and sought-after within the walls ofHoF, under the wings of our knowledgeable support team.

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Big clothing display

600 € / month

190 cm long clothing rack, maximum 45 pieces, minimum 5 models, minimum 3 sizes. RTW & Couture mix. Webshop basic package. Warehouse for serial models. Fixed for 4 months. Stylist Room: Up to 10 models.


Small clothing display

475 € / month

Short Clothing Rack (120 cm), max 20 pieces (RTW / Couture pieces, or mixed). Warehouse for serialized models. Fixed for 4 months. Webshop basic package. Stylist Room: Up to 5 models..


Accessories shelf

375 € / month

Bags, belts, hats, shoes, bikinis – max 30 pieces. For bags, a minimum of 2 collection changes per year is expected. Webshop. Stylist Room: Up to 5 models.


Jewerly shelf

325 €/ month

Delicate jewelry, max 20 pieces. Webshop. Stylist Room: Up to 5 pieces.
Sales Commissions for all offline packages: 15%.


In our basic package, we provide online sales opportunities for every designer who presents their product in the store. The package covers models intended for in-store sales that are also available for online sales. After online sales, a 20% commission is owed to HoF. International shipping is provided.


online sales

125 € / month

We recommend our webshop package to designers who can be easily replicated and whose products do not require fittings. To ensure smooth package handling, a minimum inventory is required for this package, with up to 45 items on the warehouse shelf. Additional online sales services can be added to this package.


For the community, for the profession, for continuous development.


HoF provides opportunities for both in-house and off-site presentations and events, whether it’s about individual brand promotion or collaborations arising from designer partnerships. HoF’s grand fashion shows and pop-up markets have brought pioneering concepts to the Hungarian fashion scene. Moving forward, we continue to strive to showcase our designers and their innovations seasonally. We take pride in the high-quality events we’ve organized thus far and actively seek and organize further international opportunities, allowing our designers to display their talents to a broader audience.


On our pre-arranged days, we provide our designers with the opportunity and space to hold personal meetings with their customers and business partners, as well as to showcase their exhibited collection in our store. During our Designer Days, we not only support our artists with a stylish and well-frequented location, but we also offer other advantages to achieve greater impact.


Designer workshops, joint HoF magazine photoshoots, cocktail Saturdays, etc.


Lectures, podcasts, coaching, marketing presentations, stylists talking about their work, magazine editors, etc.


Magazines, influencers, everything that works through stylists

HoF's houskeepers

Turn to us if you can't find your place!

HoF continually develops its system and team to assist its designers. Starting from autumn 2023, with the renewal of the existing team, more relevant knowledge will be available to designers who seek space in the market, who wish to develop, appear, and grow in this creative, exciting industry. We know that talent isn’t everything, and it’s not easy for a passionate mind to grapple with numbers. So entrust the business and customers to our experienced professionals!


As the founder of HoF, you can turn to her with almost any question. Her focus is on online sales and the community, and she offers style and product advice, leveraging her extended and well-established customer base.


As the designer of three domestic brands and the developer of the renewed HoF, feel free to approach her with professional and quality-related questions, as well as business management inquiries.

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